Our Infrastructure

No to standard packaging design. Yes to unique exceptional packaging design.


The pre-press procedure includes the manufacture of a printing plate, image carrier or form, ready for mounting on a printing press, as well as the adjustment of images and texts or the creation of a high-quality print file.

Output devices
  • 1 Creo Trendsetter Quantum F 3244 (8-up Thermal CtP system)
  • 1 Fuji Luxel T9500 (8-up Thermal CtP system)
  • 1 Screen Tanto DTR-5120 (8-up film recorder)
Proofing devices
  • 2 Epson Stylus Pro, 1 Konica Minolta C6000
Sample Making
  • Die-less cutting and creasing table for quick sample making & short production runs
  • Flat-bed scanner
  • All designing software


Complimenting the recently attained printing machinery, Maxcomm possesses a Press section, where manpower work around the clock to implement the client’s impression and aspirations using the latest techniques available in the printing industry.

Komori Lithrone S729
  • Size: 20.85in x 29.5in
  • Color: 5 color
Komori Lithrone 240
  • Size: 20.85in x 29.5in
  • Color: 2 color
  • (5 color + Coater) 2 nos
  • Sheet - fed with a maximum printing speed of 10,000 impressions per hour
Polar 115 3 nos
  • Fully computerized paper cutting machine


Cold Foiling
  • Transferring highly detailed patterns in foil without the need for a stamping block
Spot UV coating
  • 3 Sakurai and 1 Proteck screen printing machines for spot application of gloss, matte, raised and textured UV finishes
Hot Foiling
  • 4 automatic foiling machines in various sizes with foil-saver technology from Germany and Italy (manual machines also available for short runs)
Laser Cutting
  • 2 Machines from SEI (Italy) for high-speed and intricate laser cutting of materials upto 4mm thick
  • Multiple embossing machines


Folding machines
  • 7 folding machines from Stall, GUK, Shoei and Horizon with up to 6 parallel and 3 cross folding capabilities
Saddle-stitching (Centre-pinning)
  • 2 Sankoh (Japan) pinning and three-knife trimming machines with up to 7 form gathering stations
  • 2 automatic section-sewing (Smythe-sewing) machines from Meccatronica Aster, Italy
Perfect Binder
  • 2 auto-perfect binding machines from Kolbus (24-clamp) and Muller-Martini (4-clamp)
3-Knife Trimmer
  • 2 programmable trimming machines for three-side cutting of book blocks from Kolbus and Horauf (Germany)

Packaging Conversion

Auto-platen die-cutting
  • 5 Fully automatic platen die-cutters with stripping – from Sanwa (Japan)
  • Sugano (Japan) and Iijima (Japan)
Stripping Machines
  • 2 Auto-stripping machines from Kawahara, Japan
  • 4 folder-gluers capable of pasting tuck-in, crash-lock and 4-corner boxes from Bagempam
  • 2 Sheeters – 1 fully automatic machine from China, and a manual sheeter of Indian make for conversion of paper and board from reels to sheets
Rigid box making line
  • Semi automatic rigid box making line (box formation & outer liner pasting)
E-Flute pasting
  • Registered Board-to-Fluting paster from Meigwong, China
Manual die-cutting
  • 4 manual die-cutting machines
Window Patching Machine
  • Fully automatic window patching and 360° window pasting machine from France